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What is ismarty?

ismarty is an initiative of a Spanish company that was created to help bloggers, videobloggers, webmasters and YouTubers take advantage of all of the benefits of on-line video. To do so, we have created a technology platform called smartyCenter where the process of uploading and integrating videos onto websites is simplified and users are offered a monetization alternative that is different than the rest.

ismarty is a sub-brand of smartycontent: a 100% Spanish-owned company that has garnered the support of relevant businesspeople and professionals in the communications, marketing and business management sectors who take part in projects as business angels.

smartycontent is a company that offers a revolutionary model of on-line video solutions for the entire advertising and communications value chain. smartycontent has been in existence for three years and has already earned the trust of reputable publishing companies such as: El Confidencial and and brands such as Mercedes, McDonalds and Día.

Who supports ismarty?

Discover what some of our users think about ismarty:

Thanks to ismarty we have found a simple yet professional way to manage and market our inventory of video content. The ismarty team is continuously improving the platform to offer more and better functionalities to satisfy users' needs.

Miguel Gatón. AB Internet. Blog network.

With ismarty's personalised service, it has felt more like a friendship than a commercial relationship from the first day. We've only been with them for a short time but we hope to improve our economic results with them and the relationship couldn't be better.

Yolanda Ramos. Plan 60 segundos. Video producer.

With ismarty, I've found a new way to earn money with my videos. I've created my own website where, thanks to ismarty, I have complete freedom and control over the contents I want to upload. Plus, they've given me a personalised mobile application so that my fans can enjoy all of my videos on their smartphones.

Wismichu. Youtuber.

FrickBox has had a very positive experience with ismarty, primarily because of their fantastic staff who are very responsive to our needs and very receptive to the publisher's "Feedback" and they've proven to us that they're getting better every day. The tools available to publishers have improved, allowing us to personalise our players to include logos, visualising our monetisation in real time and offering many functionalities that make it easy to integrate the codes into our sites. We have been fortunate to find a mobile application that is completely free which allows our videos to reach more sites, which in turn generates more monetisation.

Even though ismarty is a "young" group and our needs are gradually adapting along with them, we are totally convinced that they will be the leaders in this sector thanks to their staff, their technical resources and the fact that they listen to publishers.

Diego Muñoz.

It's very easy to register with ismarty. Just choose the desired option, click on Register and fill in the drop down form.

Do you record your own videos?
Are you a videoblogger or a YouTuber?

Do you have a website or a blog?

Do you record video content and also have a website/blog?


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  • 1. What does ismarty have to offer me?

  • - If I have a website or blog.

    If you have a website or blog, ismarty will help you to publish your videos on line, simply. With our technology you can incorporate multimedia content on your website thanks to our players, with which you can also earn money.

    - If I record my own videos

    If you have your own videos you can share them with other ismarty users. Thousands of websites will be able to use your videos and you will make extra money on your contents. You will earn money every time your contents are used on a website other than your own.

    - If I have a YouTube channel

    If you have a YouTube channel, we offer you the chance to create your own multimedia world. You will be able to monetise your videos on your website and continue using YouTube at the same time, since we are not an alternative but rather a complement that helps you make your videos even more profitable.

  • 2. How does ismarty help you break into the video advertising market?

  • ismarty provides you with a catalogue of free technology and contents that enable you to enjoy on-line video on your web space and be part of the multimedia advertising which is so important.

  • 3. Is ismarty compatible with YouTube?

  • Of course, ismarty is a YouTube supplement that does not require you to choose one over the other. If you want to maintain your own channel and continue to upload your videos, you can.

  • 4. How do I register for ismarty?

  • It's very easy to register for ismarty, just fill out this form.

  • 5. If I have more than one website, do I have to create an account for each one of them?

  • No, it's not necessary. At ismarty we have already thought about this. You can create a "parent" account on the platform with other dependant users.

  • 6. What information do I need to register for ismarty?

  • To register for ismarty, we need your personal information, ID number and a bank account number to deposit the money you will be generating.

  • 7. Do I have to sign a contract?

  • Yes, to protect your rights you need to sign a contract. You can view the conditions here.

  • 8. How can I integrate ismarty into my site?

  • It's very easy to integrate an ismarty player into your site. All you need is a simple code that you copy and paste in your web manager.

  • 9. Is ismarty compatible with all web managers?

  • ismarty is compatible with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and all of the web managers available on the market.

  • 10. What is smartycenter and how does it work?

  • • smartycenter is the platform that provides video management and cataloguing, multiscreen advertising, DVD creation and publishing, analytics, data and connection to external systems, easily and effectively. At smartycenter you can upload your videos, create your playlists and customise your players, all in a simple and user-friendly way, as you can see in the following tutorials.

  • 11. What are the characteristics of ismarty players?

  • The characteristics of ismarty players are as follows:

    - Multiscreen: can be played on all fixed and mobile devices.
    - Responsive design that adapts to mobile view automatically.
    - Easy integration with iframes.
    - Sizes, colours and logotypes are fully customisable.
    - Different player models with innovative designs that fit seamlessly into the structure of any web or blog.
    - Ability to share videos on leading social networks.
    - Ability to share videos by mail.
    - Video voting system.
    - Full screen viewing.
    - Built-in advertising.

  • 12. Can my videos be seen on all devices: tables, smartphones, etc.?

  • Using our video players, your videos can be seen correctly on all fixed and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) and all operating systems.

  • 13. Will I be able to share my videos on social networks?

  • Our video players give you to option of sharing your videos on the leading social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.

  • 14. What type of videos can I upload to ismarty?

  • All kinds, provided that they adhere to a certain level of quality and acceptance by the audience. Ismarty wants to enrich websites with a wide variety of well-made, general interest content. We do not accept pornographic or offensive content of any kind.

  • 15. Can I upload videos from ismarty to my website?

  • Of course! The whole catalogue of smartycenter videos is available for you to use on your website. All rights to the content distributed through ismarty belong exclusively to their rightful owners, who have given ismarty permission to share them.

  • 16. Can I download the contents to use with anything other than ismarty players?

  • No. The content providers have ceded the rights to smartycontent for exclusive distribution through ismarty players.

  • 17. How do I earn money with ismarty?

  • • With ismarty you can make money thanks to the advertising that is displayed before the video begins (pre-roll ad).

  • 18. When do I start to earn money?

  • You start to generate income as soon as you upload a video to ismarty and add it to your website.

  • 19. How much can I earn with ismarty?

  • That depends on the number of times the videos are viewed; the more views a video gets, the more money you earn.

  • 20. How do I check my earnings?

  • Smartycenter gives you access to a full set of statistics which you can follow on a daily basis to see how much income you are generating.

  • 21. What type of advertising does ismarty offer?

  • ismarty video players have built-in advertising. Before the video content is displayed, a pre-roll advert or spot runs for a maximum of 30" and a minimum of 10".

  • 22. What kind of data does ismarty show me about my videos?

  • ismarty includes a full set of statistics that allows users to see: the number of views; the number of viewers that have watched 100% of the video; the countries from which the videos are viewed; the number of adverts associated with your videos; advertising campaigns and income generated.

  • 23. What if I need help using ismarty on my website or blog?

  • We have a customer service team to answer all of your questions.

  • 24. Is there technical support to help me if I have questions about using smartycenter?

  • smartycenter has an internal messaging system that is directly connected to our technical support area.

What can I do if I have more questions?

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